Dashboard section overview

Written By Tom Wesolowski (Administrator)

Updated at February 20th, 2020

After you log in with your account details and go to the dashboard you will find basic information about your payments’ performance in the main area. Here you can see a summary with numbers and diagrams for a specific time frame.

As you can see, there are summaries for:

  • Gross Volume (presented in Euro by default, but you can change the currency in your account settings) - amount resulting from successful charges
  • Successful payments - number of successful charges along with the conversion rate (successful charges/declined charges ratio)
  • Customers Created - number of customers created
  • New Subscriptions/Rebills - number of new subscriptions created along with the number of successfully rebilled subscriptions
  • Chargebacks - number of chargebacks

When you change the time frame all the details will also be changed accordingly.


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