Subscription dunning process set up

Written By Tom Wesolowski (Administrator)

Updated at March 12th, 2020

You can decide what should happen when a charge for an ongoing subscription has failed - how many times this charge should be retried and what should finally happen when all attempts of charging failed. 

Follow steps below to set it up. 

  1. Pick the account you want to make the changes for using the drop-down on the upper right side of the backoffice.
  2. Click on the account name again.
  3. Click on Account settings.
  4. Navigate to the Subscriptions section. 
  5. Using the drop-downs select what should happen after each failed payment and what should happen when all of them have failed. 

  6. In the last step you decide how you want to mark the subscription after all payment attempts have failed, as canceled or unpaid, if you would like to differentiate this situation from other canceled subscriptions, going with unpaid is preferred. 
  7. Click Save button.

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