Written By Tom Wesolowski (Administrator)

Updated at February 20th, 2020

Webhooks are used to track actions and notify your system as they happen, so you’re staying up-to-date with the changes. 

Your system will receive information every time there is a new event in our system. 

Webhook contains event data. This allows you to process the data on your end, for example to create an internal dashboard or a specific report tailored for your business. 


Webhooks are sent chronologically. It is important to know that when a webook delivery fails all subsequent webhooks will be blocked until that failed delivery is successfully retried.

That's because webhooks are always delivered in the order they were created - so if one webhook fails to be delivered, then we can't send any other webhooks as this would result in out of order delivery.

For technical details regarding webhooks implementation please visit webhooks documentation

Adding an endpoint

  1. Pick the account you want to add webhooks for using the drop-down in the upper right of the backoffice.  
  2. Click on the account name again. 
  3. Click on Account settings
  4. Navigate to the Webhooks section. 
  5. Click on Add Endpoint button 
  6. For the HTTP endpoint provide the URL where the webhooks should be sent to and what webhooks should be sent: test or live ones.
    For the AWS SQS, AWS SNS, AWS Kinesis endpoints, follow on screen instructions. 
  7. Click on Create endpoint. 

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